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4 mo dropped to 9th percentile

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Rachel1210 Thu 21-Feb-19 12:50:22

As title suggest my LO has dropped from 25th to 9th...he was born on 75th, then dropped to 50th, then 25th, now 9th...
He’s so fussy with his feeds. If I’m lucky I can get him to take 90ml (3oz) per feed. He’ll only feed every 3ish hours. So in 24 hours he isn’t getting the recommended amount of formula. I’ve tried everything...different formulas, different bottles, different teets. He’s just not interested. Anyone else been through this who can give me hope?

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Rachel1210 Thu 21-Feb-19 12:56:08

Should also adds he’s waking every 1-2 hours at night to feed. Some night feeds he’ll take 90ml other times much smaller amounts

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Hopehope20 Thu 21-Feb-19 15:17:14


Sorry you are going through this. I very much feel your pain. My son was born on the already small...but dropped to the 0.4th. He is now following his own little growth line and we have seen a peadiatrition who has ruled out anything sinister. The protocal our way is to get referred once a baby drops two centiles...has that process started for you?

Our son used to take only 3oz at a time...getting about 18 oz a day. He will NOT feed any sooner than 4 hourly. We have been able to get him up to between 23 -27 oz a day now by swapping to mam bottles and by making the feeds really relaxing. I used to keep trying to get him to eat if he stoped after 3oz whereas now I let him stop as soon as he wants to..I think this relaxed him more and now he takes a few 5oz bottles in a day.

I stand by my opinion though that he just isn't a huge eater. He never really gets excited about food and never chugs down his bottle. He will sleep through the night if we didn't have to wake him to feed and is in general a very happy baby.

How is your sons behaviour? Is he content?

It sounds like you have done the things I would suggest like different bottles and teats... if you have not tried Mam bottles though I highly recommend. What formula are you using? We use the ready made liquid which he prefers.

We still have low days...yesterday he drank 27 oz and today he has only drank 9oz so far (three 3oz bottles) and I am trying to trust that he knows best and knows how much food he wants. I feel more able to do that now be is following a centile line...Even if it is tiny.

When is your next weigh in?you might just find he settles along the 9th now?

Sorry...lots if rambling with no real help...just know you are not alone and I know how stressful it is x

Rachel1210 Thu 21-Feb-19 15:44:25

Thank you so much for your reply - it really is stressful. The fact he doesn’t eat and still wakes so regularly really gets me down...
Yes we use the MAM anti colic bottles - we’ve tried every formula! Currently on SMA. He has days where he really likes the ready made bottles - but other days he really isn’t bothered. Maybe I need to relax more like you say and stop forcing him. We haven’t been referred to anyone - especially as the HV is happy with his development and progress. Although I’m going to book a GP appointment just to rule out reflux etc....

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Rachel1210 Thu 21-Feb-19 15:47:41

His behaviour is generally fine - he’s very smiley but does get very cranky too. He also does have periods where he’ll scream and arch his back after feeding. The doctor prescribed gaviscon but it made him constipated so I’m going to go back again. Otherwise he’s developing very well - he was rolling over before he was 4 months!

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