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Toddler doesn't say no or shake her head

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ccfc2005 Fri 15-Feb-19 13:16:26

Has any parent been through this and the child is fine. I am worried re autism. She also has only five words. Not so worried about the lack of words ...but am extremely worried about her not shaking her head for no or saying it ...please help. I saw a post similar to this from 2012. If anyone has gone through this please let me know

Witchend Fri 15-Feb-19 13:34:04

How old is she?

AladdinMum Fri 15-Feb-19 15:05:11

yes, how old is she? it all depends on her age. However, if you are worried about gesturing, there are many more important gestures that should come way before shaking her head for no/yes.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 16-Feb-19 07:15:08

@ccfc2012 can you come back and let us know how old your DD is? smile

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