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omega 3

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angmarie Wed 04-Jul-07 11:48:36

I have just started my son on omega 3 this week , has anyone seen any differences with there child since they started them on it .

hippopotamouse Wed 04-Jul-07 11:58:19

I worked in a health shop and saw a great improvement with fish oils on one boy that had autism.

After a few months he seemed a lot more calm and even had a wee chat with me when he used to just sit on the floor and stack up jars of vitamins in a world of his own until his mum had to pick him up to get him to leave.

His mum was very happy when I let him help put shopping into bags and he wanted to help, he didn't interact with other people very well and she said it had got much easier for her since he'd been on these capsules.

This was about 6 years ago BTW so although it's starting to get really popular now they've been around for a while x

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