10 month old swallowing too soon

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Bubbagirl Wed 06-Feb-19 13:22:24

My 10month old is a pretty good eater but in the last month has started having problems with swallowing whereby she tried to swallow food too soon before she has chewed it enough. She then cries (with as much sound as she can get out with the stuck food) and I can see her trying to swallow harder. Sometimes she ends up coughing and forcing it back out (I turned her upside down the other day to get it out) and other times she just forces it down with swallowing and then I give her lots of water to help. I wouldn't say it's "choking" as such just trying to swallow large pieces of food. Any advice? I've tried giving her smaller bits of food, i.e. bite sized but some food she is fine with biting off and chewing (usually!) so don't want to not progress her weaning. Thanks in advance

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ElyElyOy Wed 06-Feb-19 19:38:19

Just give her smaller bits, or bigger bits that she has to bite off and chew, she’s only 10 months: weaning isn’t a race, you don’t have a deadline smile

Bubbagirl Thu 07-Feb-19 08:32:45

Thanks @ElyElyOy I'll just persist with smaller bits then as bigger bits she has to bite off she seems to shove the whole lot in or bites of a huge piece and tries to shove that in 😂
Oh I know, I'm not trying to rush her at all, I just meant she likes having the bigger pieces, think she feels grown up like her sister, but then as I said she tries to swallow them too big. I just didn't want to stop her having bigger bits if anyone could suggest any techniques to encourage her to chew more.
Thanks for your advice x

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