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5 year old DS too bothered by what others say to him

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carocaro Mon 02-Jul-07 17:35:58

DS aged 5 seems to be too bothered IMHO about what other people do or say, he comes home from school saying things like 'so and so says I am too slow' ' can I have a ... like X has' 'x says that my work is scribbly' etc etc etc. What's the deal at his age? Is this normal? He seems so bothtered byt it, letting it fester and going an about it, I've tried giving him words of encouragement and changing the subject. But like tonight, he has not stopped about one boy saying to him that having a Pooh Bear in bed is really babyish and some of his classmates laughing. Is this just the start of kids being mean etc that we all dealt with when we were younger? (sad)

FioFio Mon 02-Jul-07 17:37:46

Message withdrawn

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