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14 month old not walking !

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NewMummyx Tue 18-Dec-18 09:36:47

Hi everyone my 14 month old daughter took her first steps a couple of days after her first birthday & has taken some steps ever since. However she still isn't fully walking.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Many thanks x

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mizzles Tue 18-Dec-18 10:12:26

Hi! For a start, she's not late to walk at all and if she has taken a few steps she will get the hang of it in time. Maybe she is just not very confident about it? If so, have you tried a toy pushchair/ truck or something else she can push around? I had a plastic one from the Early Learning Centre which my daughter loved. I also encouraged my daughter to climb (supervised) e.g. up the stairs - climbing is good for balance and strength, so that might help too.

NewMummyx Tue 18-Dec-18 11:06:38

Thank you.

Yeh she seems to do a few steps then gets scared hahah.

Yeh she has a wooden toy pram Walker & she climbs up the stairs with me.

I think I just thought after she took her first steps she wouldn't be far off x

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Freemind Tue 18-Dec-18 11:14:30

My grandchild is older than your child and has only recently started to walk a couple of steps without holding on - don't worry about it. There is no exact timeframe - children will progress at the time that suits them if they have appropriate conditions and opportunities.

surreygirl1987 Sun 23-Dec-18 20:18:41

My husband didn't walk until he was 18 months old! No need to rush or worry x

scottishma Thu 27-Dec-18 22:49:06

My DS1 didn't walk until 17 months- we always blamed it on the fact he was so chunky 😂 he actually walked before he could stand unaided and when he fell down he needed help back up 🙈he's now 4.5 and runs about all the time- so don't worry! Just encourage her confidence when you can smile

mintchick Fri 28-Dec-18 10:14:05

My boy twin didn't walk til 21 months. His twin sister at 15 months. So not late at all! They'll do it when they're ready, don't worry yourself smile

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