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HundredsAndThousandsOfThem Sun 30-Sep-18 16:57:12

I think it's an odd assumption to make on the school's part. It seems more likely that the rocking is "stimming" due to anxiety or just as a habit when she's concentrating.

Jobow40 Sun 30-Sep-18 12:20:12

My daughter is 8 and really tall too. We have talked to her and she said it's coz she worries about something will happen to us when she isn't with her. It's like a anxious thing. She also gets pins and needles in her feet.

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youlemming Sat 29-Sep-18 22:34:51

Agree that's a bit odd for the school to say that. How old is your DD?

My 8yr old is quite tall and long legged, she often says she finds sitting on the floor in class uncomfortable and gets numb legs.
I think any of us sitting cross legged on a hard floor would shuffle about after a while.

Vickister Sat 29-Sep-18 15:52:12

Firstly, I think it's so weird that your daughters school would even jump to that conclusion in the first place. My first though was that she was trying to burn up energy but how old is she? Could be growing pains maybe, take her to the doctor. At least if the school rang again you could give them a medical reason for it.

Jobow40 Sat 29-Sep-18 08:41:25

The school called us in yesterday. My daughter rocks herself and they think she self stimulating herself. Well we were totally shocked. When talking to her she assured me she has no tingles down below. She says she gets pins and needles in her feet and she is shuffling and wiggles to stop it and get comfy. If the teachers notice what she is doing she says she is fine and it stops. Can anyone help

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