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Sensory issues or just being a threenager?

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KarrisWhiteOak Fri 10-Aug-18 19:27:51

DD is 3, only recently and this has been an issue for a while, maybe 8m or so.
She hates having her hair washed or water on her face or her ears.
Screaming tantrum this evening as we have a wedding tomorrow and insisted we wash hair for the first time in about two weeks.
At moment she gets a sponge wash every evening and may go in bath with her baby brother and get her hair wet maybe once a week.
In honesty she’s always hated having water in her face even from her first bath.

I’ve been to doctors and no ear infections.

So is she just a pain and with gentle persuasion she’ll eventually get in the bath or should I be watching for other signs?

Naty1 Fri 10-Aug-18 19:48:28

Dd2 had some sensory things until about 2.5yo. Hated hats and gloves. Then in the really bad snowy winter she just suddenly got over it.
Now over 3yo.
She does hate water on her head and hair washing but im hoping will outgrow it. Also hair brushing and teeth is hit and miss. Teeth she will put up with short amount of time. Wont have hair bands at all or leave clips in more than minutes.
She is ok with suntan lotion (compared to older sister 6yo).

KarrisWhiteOak Fri 10-Aug-18 20:00:02

Also major issues with sequins on clothing. Loved a tshirt in the shop recently but putting it on at home she’s freaking out and will not wear it.

KarrisWhiteOak Fri 10-Aug-18 20:01:48

Possibly just being a bit difficult then.
Anyone have any tips for a more general approach then. Esp got my DP he just “gets on with it” which I think make her worse.
Or not maybe me genteelly repeating we are washing h your hair prolongs it?!

Dogstar78 Sat 11-Aug-18 10:24:09

Have you tried turning it into a game? Shall we pretend to be mermaids? Get in the bath with her and wave your hair in the water. I could only wash my son's hair while he wore goggles and laid back in the bath with his hair under water. Or bribe her?! Would she make her own hair wet? Might be a co trolling thing. Now my son will only wash his hair himself. I watch to make sure all the bubbles are off. I sold it as a grown up thing to do. Am sure I should be working on UN peacekeeping. My son is autistic with ADHD!

FurryGiraffe Sat 11-Aug-18 12:31:30

Have you tried goggles? DS1 was a nightmare with hair washing. Bought him goggles for swimming lessons and he's now absolutely fine (and happily dives under water in the pool). He also much prefers to do it himself so poss a control element there.

He's a bit of a sensitive soul in general: really dislikes loud noises and hates having his nails cut (he doesn't like how they feel when they're first cut) but it's all gradually got easier as he's got older.

KarrisWhiteOak Sun 12-Aug-18 16:32:40

Oh I love being in the bath with her and her 9m Brother sometimes goes in. We give her a penny for money box, she used to wash herself and her hair and was proud she could.
I’ve not attempted Goggles tho....worth a shot.

rainingcatsanddog Sun 12-Aug-18 16:39:43

We ended up cutting dd's hair shorter (a bob) around that age as she hated her hair brushed and washed. It was much easier after that and she was ready for long hair by the time she started school at 4.

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