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Daughter destroying everything

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needyourlovingtouch Sun 10-Jun-18 16:20:31

I have a dd who makes a massive mess when left to play alone. She's not trying to make me angry, it's just how she plays! She loves to help though so surely you can ask her to help with the washing or cooking.

Jeni29 Thu 07-Jun-18 12:06:20

I am so annoyed right now. I have had to come on here to vent a little. My 4 year old is just so naughty right now. She is rude and so demanding. To top it off, which is the thing that made me flip is that she has completely destroyed her bedroom. Every item whether it be jigsaws or lego to every item in her bedroom is strewn all over the place. Book pages have been torn into little pieces along with her jigsaw boxes. This was an hours work whilst I was getting on with some washing.
And its not the first time.

At the moment all I do is shout and threaten, she now is banned from cartoons, her tablet taken away, no puddings. I am at a complete loss.

I know its not boredom as we do so many things and her 3 year old brother it quite happy playing with his cars or train sets whilst she just goes on a destruction mode.

I really don't know what else to do with her

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