Potty training help

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88smith Thu 08-Mar-18 08:58:23

My son is 2 years 9 months old. He hasn’t shown any signs of being ready to use the potty until a month ago. We went for it and he was doing really well using the potty for number 1 & number 2 , he hasn’t got to the point of using pants yet but was doing really well then one day refused to use the potty and just wet himself on the floor and the sofa several times over several days. We’ve tried sticker charts, potty prizes, special treats. We have tried using a seat on the toilet and buying special big boy pants to use but he just refuses to use anything so have had to go back to nappies. I’m due baby number 2 in 4 weeks and was hoping to only having one child in nappies. Any tips on how to get my son to use the potty/toilet/pants?

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starpatch Thu 08-Mar-18 21:21:23

I'm sorry I think you might have to wait bit longer!

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