He won't stop biting... today he bit his friend

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2016mumma Tue 09-Jan-18 18:52:27

My son is 16 months old and on the whole is a very good little boy, people always comment on what a placid little thing he is.
However he has in the last couple of months started biting. It's always out of frustration. Eg when he's been told no, he's tired etc. It's mainly always been me he has bitten I have always put him down told him no. He then started biting his Dad when he told him no. It's gradually got worse and more frequent in the last couple of weeks in particular. Today when I picked him up from the childminders he tried to bite her when she was putting his coat on that he didn't want on. She also mentioned that he bit another child during the day when he took a toy away. I know most children go through a biting phase however now he is biting other children I am not sure how to deal with it as it's getting worse not better.
So not to drip feed he has been cutting teeth however I don't think it's related to this as he only ever does it when he's cross.
We have had so much different advise from biting him back to completely ignoring it. Any help of what worked for you would be great

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