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Speech delay

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Mamarai Thu 21-Dec-17 00:01:11

Hello all just wanted to help if any of you mum can help me and give me some advise.
My son is 3 years old , started Nurssery since September, but last year his Nurssery teachers told me that he may have speech problems,he only could say one ward which was daddy nothing else, last school year my son couldn't, say mum, didn't react to his name when called, recognised any colours or shapes, didn't know how to compt didn't know any body parts, didn't know any animals or they nois thwy make , wasn't singing any Nurssery rhymes and wouldn't interact with any other kids he was just alone in his own world, which really break my heart.
and each day as I went to pick him up the teachers will say how he didn interact with other children's how he never listen when talk too, how he had a behaviour problem because he wouldn't seat during reading or story Times, how he wasn't at target for his age.
I fillet so sad and disturbed as I couldn't help my little boy then at age 2.
So the Nurssery refferd him to So each therapy, just before school close for the hollidays,
As we waited for his appointment all of suddent he started to count from 1-10 he could point to the exact number in no particular order, he knew all the colours and could recognise them and he developed a fascination for shapes he knows them all, now he got seen by the speech therapist today who said he need behaviour assistance before speech therapy because he doesn't interact with other , has this happen to you😳

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Thu 21-Dec-17 18:37:27

Did the Speech & Language Therapist say what behaviour therapy he needs or how you can go about getting it for him?

If I were you I’d take him to the GP tomorrow and tell him your concerns. Ask for a referral to a Paeditrician and ask for a hearing test too.

Let us know how you get on fsmile

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