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OT appointment, keep or cancel?

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pilatesball69 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:33:10

Need a little mumsnet advice please.
I have an OT appointment for my little boy next week. I asked for a referral a year ago as I had some concerns about dyspraxia. However he's improved loads since then, I no longer suspect dyspraxia but still have a few concerns but not giant ones. I know ot appointments are like gold dust and don't want to waste one basically being a fussy fist time mum. Please look at my list and give me your opinion on keep or cancel? Thanks!

Toileting problems at school including soling approx twice a week.
No hand dominance.
Very reluctant writer and drawing/colouring looks more like a 3 year old.
Can't use scissors at all.
Can't catch a ball.
Doesn't use alternating feet going downstairs (although he does going up)
Has quite a poor self image "I'm useless at learning new things"

Bright, picking up reading spelling and maths well.
Behaves well,sits still, pays attention at school.
No behaviour issues at home, no sensory issues.
Can dress and undress completely and has learnt to do buttons very recently.
Writes his name, letters and numbers appropriately.
Knows his left from his right.
Eats and sleeps well.
More or less dry at night for the last couple of months.
Recently learnt to ride a bike.
Runs and climbs confidently.
Does 42 piece puzzles happily.

So, what would you do? Thanks!

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pilatesball69 Wed 01-Nov-17 21:35:03

Sorry, he's 5 and in Reception.

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