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Colic or cluster feeding fussiness?

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Alexxx17 Tue 31-Oct-17 10:51:24

1 month old DS has started screaming blue murder from around 8pm at night for a couple of hours before he finally exhausts himself and drops off. He's breastfed and was happily taking an expressed bottle but now in these two horrible hours he won't take the bottle or the boob. I've read about cluster feeding babies getting fussy at night - he's cluster feeding from about 6pm - but I'm wondering now if it could be a case of colic on top of this. It really is horrendous and I'm beside myself with feeling so helpless when he's like this. Any advice? confused

Twinmumessex Tue 31-Oct-17 17:49:25

I’m by no means an expert but have 2 windy twins who take infacol before every feed. It apparently helps with colic too so worth a try just in case? I live in fear of having 2 screaming, colicy babies so have every sympathy with you! I’ve heard colic goes by itself by month 3??

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