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Do you ever feel like you're doing something wrong as a parent?

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RoseM83 Wed 25-Oct-17 15:54:47

Hi, everyone. I'm new here. I don't live in New England or Wales but my ancestors came from there. I found this site because I really just need to vent and talk to other moms who may be going through the same things.

My 12 year old tried to run away from home last night. They then ran away from school this morning so I had to go deal with that. This is all because they got in ISS which here stands for In School Suspension. He's been having to go to ISS every week now for something and now has started running away. A few years ago he had to stay at a place here for threatening to commit suicide and he was doing well until 7th grade as far as not having problems or self harming thoughts. I feel like now he is headed down the same path again. He hasn't mentioned self harm, this time he's running away from school. I don't know sometimes I just sit there and ask myself where did I go wrong? Does anyone else ever feel this way? What can I change to help him succeed in life? We already talk to each other quite a bit, but he has this complex of not accepting the consequences for the choices he has made. To him it is everyone else's fault but his. I don't know what to do anymore.

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