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12 year old and extents he goes to

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Redbus1030 Mon 09-Oct-17 17:22:26

Help, our 12 year old son (only child) is incedibly stubborn, we are now finding to such extreme extents.
Today and not for the first time he just refused to get up for school, its like a mist falls and the more you try to get him to the more he digs in. It does not matter what you say will be the repercussions for this behavour, whether thats removal of phone/playstation/grounded. Calling the school, suggesting i take him in pyjamas you name it he just digs in - and you can not physically make them.....its such a stressful and heart rendering situation. He HAS to go to school and I've explained all this and pleaded to what is usally a very thoughtful kind boy but once he gets into this state nothing works.
I have had to envolve the school today and me and his DF went with him when he eventualy calmed down enough as I was concerned about possible bullying etc but I've checked al his phone/insta etc and no signs there. He says he is not being bullied but is feeling overwhelmed with the new school year. This doesnt really stack up at all however we have had no choice but to go along with that as the reason for now and put things in place with the school to help with that.
My worry though is that there is no common factor that starts these episodes off and his DF and I are very worried about the lengths he goes to and his complete lack of any fear of consequences when he gets in to this state - any thoughts?

Scaredparent Mon 09-Oct-17 17:39:27

Depression maybe, or something else going on in the home that has / does effect him.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 09-Oct-17 17:56:59

Have you asked him if he’s being bullied?

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