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Constant attempts by 18mo ds to hold my breasts

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Whynotnowbaby Sun 24-Sep-17 08:59:05

18mo ds breastfeed usually at bedtime and once in the night. He is a very bad sleeper who usually starts in his cot (I put him in after he had fallen asleep as he will just cry for hours if I try to put him in awake) and ends up in bed with me for about half the night. He will have a quick feed before sleeping when he gets up in night. This is all ok with us, I would prefer him to sleep through but it is manageable. What is causing me problems is the fact that after a feed and whenever he stirs in the night (and also if he is having a cuddle during the day) he will hold my breasts, sometimes trying to suck and others just kneading. It seems to be a comfort thing and I really want it to stop as it is very disturbing during the night and embarrassing and inconvenient during the day - not to mention uncomfortable!

I have tried: offering a dummy, offering a cuddly toy, offering a drink in both bottle and soppy cup.

I'm really not sure what to do next. Any advice gratefully received!

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BrightonMum36 Sun 24-Sep-17 09:59:00

I saw this on a supernanny type programme. Wear a really high polo neck type top and a sports bra that practically straps your boobs down so there's not much for him to grab at. Eventually he will get bored. That's what happened in the programme anyway!!

Kausi Wed 27-Sep-17 22:22:00

Yes, I agree. Try wearing a maternity bar and t-shirt to bed. Me and my 15 month old have exactly the same sleeping routine and sometimes it feels like he's all over me in the night. So sometimes I lie on my front so he has no access or even turn the opposite way (but then I worry about swishing him-he's a huge boy so probably no danger of that). During the day I think it's ok to set some ground rules. Let him know that he won't get any milk if he continues to twiddle etc. Any ideas on how you may try and encourage him to sleep through without a feed? Mine will wake up every night without fail and expect a breastfeed, if my partner tries to settle him in any other way he screams blue murder. I'm also happy to pick him up, give him a feed and bring him into our bed but I'd like to sleep through the night just once!

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