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Out toeing and not walking

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MadeForThis Fri 24-Mar-17 13:39:45


My DD is 18 months. She can pull up, cruise furniture and walk holding hands but she can't/won't walk unaided.

Her feet point outwards and all her weight is on the inside of her foot turning her ankle inwards. It doesn't seem to hurt her.

The GP has given her a referral to pediatric orthopaedics who might recommend physio. However the wait time is approx 3 months.

Has anyone's DS had this and how did it turn out. I'm likely to pay to get a private referral and physio as 3 months seems so long to wait.

Is there anything I should be doing to help her to walk?

ILoveDolly Fri 24-Mar-17 13:45:08

I think the best thing to do is try not to worry. Your GP and services are aware of it, she is not in distress and still quite young. If she's not ready to take unaided steps then you probably can't force the issue until paediatric s have had a look....

MadeForThis Fri 24-Mar-17 14:09:08

Thank you.

I have been quite calm about it so far but as she's hit 18 months and hasn't managed to walk by herself I'm almost glad that they have suggested physio.

Waiting 3 months for a referral seems so long though. Although I understand how stretched they are.

So far I have left her to figure things out herself I'm just wondering if I should be encouraging her in some way?

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