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7 month old buggy meltdowns

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KJM2013 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:54:28

Hi My 7 month old daughter has taken to having a meltdown as soon as she gets wind of being put in her buggy.
We have a Uppababy Vista and we have been using the buggy part for a couple of months now. She has changed in the last few days but the buggy hasn't.
She will scream and arch her back, she is quite big for her age, so is very strong.
I've tried the lie flat setting and sitting up, but she arches her back and goes rigid, so can't be placed in. Eventually through the screaming, she will relax and I take the opportunity to put her in and buckle up.
She continues to scream and arch her back/wriggle but eventually calms down.
Any tips? I have a baby carrier but not always practical.

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