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TheManicMummy Tue 07-Mar-17 16:56:43

Daily scenario:

So my two year old asked for water, didn't drink any and threw the water bottle over the safety gate attached to the kitchen. Now he's screaming because he threw it over the gate and wants it back. So I give it back and he throws it again over the gate and screams for it back.

I told him that he's thrown it twice so he can't have it back. Now it's a full thrown tantrum that I'm ignoring, screaming and jumping up and down - he knows I'm ignoring him so full force shoves his younger sister (16 months old) into the unit and she hits her head.

I put him on time out, he comes off straight away and laughs. Then I put him back there 3/4 times and each time he just runs from time out...

This happens around 20 times a day - I'm exhausted ! Does anyone have some advice? Any alternatives to time out? What do I do to battle the "mummy isn't giving me any attention so I'll hurt my sister to get attention" ??

At my wits end x

TheManicMummy Wed 08-Mar-17 08:16:36

Anyone? X

Raistline Wed 08-Mar-17 08:23:02

My son did exactly the same, he was 4 and daughter 1 when it started. He ended up being referred to CAMHS (problems with his birth father and learning difficulties). These continued through into adulthood and he now has lived alone for a few years and still suffers with behavioural issues and a misguided sense of priorities. He refuses to get professional help.

Make sure you get any attacks on your daughter detailed at GP, hospital or even A&E. A SureStart centre may be able to help with support, and GP can offer referrals. I'd think about involving Social Services, the last thing you need is them to think your maltreating your kids. They can refer to various services and can really help.

I'm sorry, it's not an easy path. Good luck!

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