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How often does your child have play dates?

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dietcokewithlemon Fri 24-Feb-17 14:23:13

I know they should have lots at 5 and 6 to help them learn to play nicely (!!!) but I'm not good at organising them very often. Interested to know how many other families have regularly....

2ndSopranos Fri 24-Feb-17 17:25:18

Very, very few...

I work nearly ft so after school is out of the question, but will have s couple over the holidays. Dd2 had a friend over today.

They've managed to learn to play nicely without an endless stream of playdates so I wouldn't worry!

AllTheLight Sat 25-Feb-17 07:18:10

My 7yo has one every two weeks or so.

coco1983 Sat 25-Feb-17 10:46:01

My little girl is only 2, and she doesn't have any siblings or cousins so although we don't often do 'playdates' I do make sure I take her to playgroups etc every day. If your children are in school and they have each other I wouldn't really worry about it though.

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sat 25-Feb-17 10:49:54

My DS is 6.5 and an only.

I almost never organise playdates for him, two since Christmas I think. However, we are very lucky to live in a very safe, traffic-free location so he plays free-range outside with friends all the time.

He and his best friend are upstairs ferreting about in his room right now.

JonesyAndTheSalad Sun 26-Feb-17 01:50:51

Hardly any. I know some kids are out at someone's house weekly but I can't really stand to have other people's small children around. They're difficult at this age and often they get sick of one another.

I found with my older ones, it's much easier past the age of 8 as they look after themselves then. All you need to do is chuck some food at them now and then!

Carrie76 Sun 26-Feb-17 16:11:23

My eldest, 6, would have 1 or 2 a week. I find them great, they keep each other entertained.

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