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Mistakes your parents made that you never will

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nicetoseeyoutoseeyounice Wed 22-Feb-17 23:10:16

I think this is something most parents can relate to. I'm not saying I do a great job as a parent, we are all learning! But is there anything you take from your upbringing that you are determined to change for your child's upbringing? I love my parents dearly but my god they made mistakes with us. I was the only girl and now I have my own daughter I want to do right by her. I have big boobs and developed early but was still wearing a cups when I was a c. My mum just never justified underwear as a necessity. I never had makeup. My clothes were all hand me downs (mum never worked so we didn't have any money), she never taught me to shave my legs and when I did try at 13, she was cross and never bought me razors when I was a teen. It was super embarrassing in pe being the only hairy one! Can't fault the love and support when I was growing up but seriously lacking once I went through my teens. Anyone else taking notes from their own parents to do it all differently?

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