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7 year old and friendships

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swaddleaholic Wed 22-Feb-17 22:30:29


Looking for some words of wisdom. Just to say I'm close to having bubba no 4 and a bit wobbly and hormonal, so may need a tad of perspective. It's also worth saying that as a child psychologist I tend to worry an awful lot about mine as I think of worse case scenarios.

My eldest is 7, a sensitive, creative, bright type. We've had a difficult year - close grandparent passing away, living in a rental away from our home etc. He goes to a small
Local state school and has been increasing complaining of having no friends to play with. His confidence was dented by a kid in particular who used to comment on his lack of football skills etc. I spoke to the mum of this kid too. He decided with our support that footie wasn't for him and is now much enjoying an art class. At break time the kids he likes play footie.

He likes going to school but seems to find break time difficult. I try and help him prob solve and think differently about approaching friends, being more assertive, but he's not really up for any suggestions. I'm going to speak to a fairly non sympathetic teacher tomorrow - who I have flagged this up with before. I don't want to come across as neurotic or encouraging my son to be the victim - but also not quite sure what I'm asking from the school. I've realised that I keep putting this down to the last year being difficult but he's been socially awkward for longer than that. There are no other worries apart from this.

I know he's a great kid and this will pass, just feels quite hard to bear right now as I'm so pregnant and he's so glum everyday. I'm loath to approach the mum concerned again and catastrophising.

If you've reached this far, you deserve a medal. Thank you for reading and any thoughts appreciated.

upwardsandonwards33 Sat 25-Feb-17 14:21:37

I know you are busy but can he develop his friendship circle further outside school with any clubs he might really enjoy?
Also any sympathetic teachers like possibly a senco you can speak to for help?

AllTheLight Sat 25-Feb-17 21:11:19

Any boys he likes who aren't into football? Anyone you could invite over for a play to encourage a friendship?

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