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Dinky1992 Wed 08-Feb-17 00:10:27

My lb is 3years and 4month old. A year or so ago he started biting badly(when he started nursery) he did this for a few month behaviour was bad but after talking to doctors,hv,nursery etc they said it was his speech why he was angry like this, so we went to speech classes and he started doing better with talking and behaviour was good for few months, now all of a sudden in December he's started biting hitting smacking hair pulling throwing you name he's doing it I've contacted hv who's come out and said it's because he can't talk 100% he's taking his anger out on everyone. I've been accepted into a behaviour class for Him and speech theorpy is back, il Cut a long story short I don't know what to do with his behaviour it's out of control I've had a baby in November and he's all a sudden bit her and smacked her (he's always been joined in never left out) it's getting worse it's his behaviour is happening ag nursery grandparents and doing this to cousins and me and dad I don't know what to do I've tried naughty step taking toys of him everything! Please some one HELP!! Need some advice I feel so low I know there is a lovely boy in there when he is good

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 08-Feb-17 17:43:50

Dinky that must be hard. How is he doing at speech therapy? Is he improving? Have they given you any games or things to practice at home?

Don't know if you've heard of Dr Sears but he has some great tips on hitting and biting here smile

What happens now if he hits, bites or pulls hair? Do you and nursery tackle it in the same way?

Some other things could be happening here. First, does he get any time with you alone, like play trains, board games, play dough etc? Does he get any time with his Dad alone? I've always thought that if Dad is around the children benefit from a bit of a Dad time. Could he take him swimming each week?

Also, does he get enough sleep? At that age my DS had just dropped his afternoon nap but still had one every few days to catch up. On the days he didn't nap, he could be a bit of a grump. What time does he go to bed?

Have you cut out sugary drinks, cereals and foods from his diet as much as possible? I know it's a bit boring but something like Ready Brek with chopped banana or berries gives them a lovely slow energy release so they don't experience a sugar rush followed by a slump, things like that just help them to manage their behaviour a bit more smile

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