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DS (2 3/4) refusing to nap when his father isnt home... i'm going out of my mind!!

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americantrish Mon 26-Feb-07 12:07:59

he will nap fine on the weekends. but on weekdays, he wont nap when its just me here. both me and dh share responsibility on weekends of putting ds down for his nap and bedtime (he sleeps great at night!) but today is just a repeat of last week, he's in his bed and then he's out of it and shouting for his dad.
if i didn't think he didn't need the daytime nap, we'd give it up, but without a nap he cant make it to 4pm without becoming a misery-gut toddler. and from 4pm, i still have 3 hours of that til bedtime.

i know there's no amount of convincing i can do.. and i keep putting him back in his bed. repeatedly....

sigh...its going to be one of those days...
(and i have horrible cramps and a sore knee that i wacked on a chair last night..)

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