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1 year old not eating enough! (I think)

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lananzack Wed 25-Jan-17 19:55:26

So, I read all about how people's 1 year olds have their morning milk, then their big breakfast, then a few snacks, then a brunch, then a lunch, then some snacks, then their tea... So on so forth plenty of nutritious food and fruits meat and veg. I may have exaggerated but my point is - they eat plenty.
My question is... Do they actually eat it or is it just what is offered to them?

My daughter will have her morning milk, then usually porridge/weetabix with bits of fruit (which she will just throw and refuse to eat, and will only eat a few spoonfuls of the cereal stuff). Then I'll offer snacks of biscottis, more fruit, carrot sticks, bits of chicken etc... She will have a slight nibble and then lob it.
Dinner, for instance today, bagel with cream cheese and some scrambled egg. She takes 1 bite of her bagel and completely refuses the scrambled egg... So on and so forth again, through til tea time where she simply nibbles at bits again and then gets distracted and closes her mouth tightly if I try to spoon feed her anything.

So, is it normal for her to just nibble, or do I need some tips and tricks of how to get her to actually eat her meals?! (I do prepare a huge range of different foods for her, I've yet to find something she will happily munch away on - except chocolate!!)

YokoUhOh Wed 25-Jan-17 20:05:14

I am think the advice is (a) not to worry and (b) if you're a bit worried, look at what she eats over the course of a week, rather than any given day. Keep offering her a range of foods and she'll get what she needs; she won't be starving herself! I BLW my two and it seems like they're surviving on fresh air sometimes (DS1 is 4 and still eats next to nothing some days).

ACubed Wed 25-Jan-17 20:56:30

I would say if she's happy, alert and growing/gaining weight properly don't worry about it, kids won't starve themselves unless there's an underlying issue, which it doesn't sound like
Good luck with it all!

TheCaptainsCat Thu 26-Jan-17 00:24:09

Yes sounds normal to me, if growing and developing as expected. Especially if by one you mean closer to 12 months than 24 - children are poles apart at those ages! Does she have much milk still?

lananzack Thu 26-Jan-17 14:47:37

Thanks for your replies, it's relieving to hear it's not that big of a worry and quite normal!
Yep, she's just turned 1. I aim for just giving her a bottle in the morning and at night, but ofcourse on the days she's completely refusing food I offer more milk to compensate. X

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