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Satan at home, angel at school

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gemzabee Sun 15-Jan-17 21:44:09

(Sorry I don't know all the acronyms yet!)

My Son is 6 and controlling our family! He is rude, ungrateful, disruptive and demanding. I could probably cope with it if i knew there wasn't going to be a bedtime battle every night, it's usually 10-1030 before he falls asleep, he used to be a perfect sleeper.

We have tried everything; Supernanny, taking him back to bed a million times, ignoring him, taking away privileges, reward charts, now a radio in his room to reassure him because all of a sudden he's scared of burglars, which we've had a long chat about.

In the day it's just one confrontation after another with him demanding to watch/ do something-unless he has his ipad in which case we lose him completely. Family gatherings are embarrassing as when he gets over excited to see people he acts even worse!

He's driving a wedge through our family and i think it's really starting to effect my relationship with my OH(got that one 😂). I don't know who we go to about this would it be a health On that note though i know it's nothing medical as he his a bloody angel at school and his teacher glows about him!!!!

Where are we going wrong, help 😢 and who can we go and get some support from?

BackforGood Sun 15-Jan-17 23:59:10

You could ask at your local childrens centre if they can point you in the direction of local 'Positive Parenting' type courses (all go by different names) - indeed your school SENCo or B.Co or Learning Mentor, (or whoever they have) might well have details.

Oh, and it is very common for a child to "be on their best behaviour" at school all day to then come home, relax, and all the frustration and anger comes out. Incredibly difficult for the parents, but also very common.

mainlywingingit Sun 05-Feb-17 00:29:44

The giving into the demands are making it worse I suspect. On a positive note if he's behaving well at school then this means this situation can change and isn't anything more serious.

I recommend Calmer, Easier , Happier Parenting by Noel Janis norton - life changing book

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