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Sleep 10mnth "clingy" phase

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skyflame Thu 22-Feb-07 12:14:19

Hi. My ds has recently become very clingy and cuddly and for the last week has woken in middle of night and will not go back to sleep for several hours. I've tried everything. (lay on floor next to cot at 3am this morning) nothing works. He isn't crying with tears or anything just seems like a frustrated/temper cry. any advice welcome. This is my first message on MN

Weegle Thu 22-Feb-07 13:22:42

Hi there - welcome to MN.

Is he teething? Otherwise, is there something he's trying to achieve e.g. walking, pulling up, crawling etc that is frustrating him and his mind can't "switch off" from doing whatever it is. If it's this you may just have to wait for it to pass. Alternatively - is it at exactly the same time every night or does it vary? If it's the same time it might be something particular waking him up e.g. boiler going on. Just a few ideas, sorry not to be of more help.

skyflame Thu 22-Feb-07 14:18:01

Thanks for that. Not sure about teething no symptoms of that. He is trying to walk though not interested in crawling. It's various times so not noises that are waking him. Not sure how to deal with him though should I leave him to cry it out? is that cruel?

Weegle Thu 22-Feb-07 16:29:02

Sounds like our LO - desperate to walk but not interested in crawling! Is he actually distressed? if not and just being vocal I would be tempted to leave him for a while to see if he resettles by himself. It's far from uncommon for our DS to wake in the night (randomly but usually after 3.30am) and talk to himself/the world for anything from 10-90min, he will usually send himself back to sleep though when he's done doing whatever it is he's doing! We used to rush in and try anything/everything to get him to go back off and all it meant was our night was more disturbed than need be, now we leave him to it unless he's actually crying which normally seems to mean teeth, which we then obviously deal with accordingly.

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