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How long should my 1 month old be awake and alert for?

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rabster Tue 20-Feb-07 14:51:58

The subject heading says it all...

Ds is 1 month old now. Most times, after a feed he will stay awake (active, alert awake, not crying, colicky awake - that is a different matter) for about 15 minutes at a time. Sometimes it is just long enough for us to change the nappy, and other times we get a little interaction with him in his bouncy chair etc. Obviously, sometimes he goes for longer, but this is the average. Is this about right, as it doesn't seem like a lot of alert time to me?

derlor Tue 20-Feb-07 14:58:56

are you breast feeding or bottle feeding?

rabster Tue 20-Feb-07 15:00:43

I am breast feeding.

derlor Tue 20-Feb-07 15:05:38

i assume he is putting on weight?
it may be that he is not getting to your hind milk when feeding this is the milk that gives him all the energy - ask your health visitor to check your feeding technique if concerned - note how long he feeds for at a time, is he a lazy feeder?

Coolmama Tue 20-Feb-07 15:07:47

baby will sleep for about 18 hrs a day at this age - so if you add in the time spent breastfeeding and the time he is awake, you will get to 24hrs very quickly - sounds about right to me.

rabster Tue 20-Feb-07 15:10:58

Derlor - He has put on load of weight - 10oz this week, and a total of 3lb from birth.

It's funny - when he isn't sleeping I am worried, then when he is, I worry he is sleeping too much!!

liquidclocks Tue 20-Feb-07 15:17:44

So if he's having 6/7 feeds (at least!) of 45mins or more sometimes, plus 15 mons afterwards that equals about the right amount of time I'd expect for 1 month.

I found with both DS's they really perked up about 6 weeks - enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, you're going to need your energy!

Twiglett Tue 20-Feb-07 15:20:00

I think the person who knows best is your baby

I think you're getting confused by people who believe in 'routines'

let baby lead the way with alert times / sleep times and you'll be fine .. honestly ..

liquidclocks Tue 20-Feb-07 15:24:22

I believe in routines and the OP's 1 month old still sounds right to me - they're too little at this age to start worriying. Just enjoy their tiny-ness - it doesn't last long enough

Othersideofthechannel Tue 20-Feb-07 15:26:12

Yes, and enjoy all the sleeping!

KathyMCMLXXII Tue 20-Feb-07 15:28:34

I think they're quite varied in how awake and alert they are at that age - my dd was already hardly sleeping at all during the day at that age, but ds was more like yours: he was really not that alert at 1 month.
Completely different now at 2 months though - he could coo and smile for England.

derlor Tue 20-Feb-07 15:34:08

i'm a hv and sounds fine to me so long as his weight gain is good which it is then just enjoy the current peace and quiet when you get it. i can assure you you'll soon be wishing he was sleeping!!!

TCsMummy Tue 20-Feb-07 22:15:17

My DS was similar at 1 month old - any activity led to crying very quickly and we didn't feel like we would ever play with him or put him down! The change came at around 6 weeks - suddenly he would lie in his baby gym or sit in his bouncy chair for 20 mins or more, and it continued to increase as the weeks went by. Now he's almost 6 months, very alert and interested in everything and it's almost impossible to get him to sleep during the day, but you can't have it all ways I guess!

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