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Biting hitting throwing 2y old advise please!

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suzzanne Fri 18-Nov-16 19:09:50

My little boy was two in may. He is Absolutly wild! I cant trust him to walk next to me in the street, he wont walk holding my hand, so i try to carry him cue him kicking flailing and screaming. I refuse to let him walk without holding my hand when he cant be trusted to stay away from the road.. And weve had a few close calls, so i know he'll defo go straight for it.
Ontop of that, hes started this last month or so hitting, nipping, throwing, growling, and most recently trying to bite!
I know hes in terrible twos but i dont know how to manage it.. At home i tried naughty step.. He wasnt bothered.. He'd sit and do his time no problem almost laughing then skip off say sorry and repeat his behaviours. We praise all good behaviour which he clearly likes but it still doesnt stop the bad. He has a stair gate on his bedroom so ive started doing time outs in there which seems to work but cant do that out and about. Ive had a few incidence now where im trying to calmly tell him off and hes getting wilder and wilder, hitting out at me until ive had to just sit and restrain him in public while he screams and growls top of his voice... Someone help me out with some techniques... Weve tried reward charts hes not bothered by them. Sometimes i'll threaten to take toys away or something and he'll just reply happily! Yeah!!! If i take them hes not bothered.. Im at a loss! All of this isnt helped by the fact his older brother finds his behaviour funny. And while he gets frustrated whne he misbehaves at times alot of the time he finds the whole drama entertaining and occasionally joins in! confusedconfusedconfused

CharlieChipmunk Fri 18-Nov-16 19:12:41

A child of this age won't understand time outs or toy removal etc

It's a very normal phase and the best way to deal with it is a firm 'No! We do not bite/hit!' and look cross and shake your head. Then immediately distract him ( you may need to few tricks up your sleeve here in advance ) and move on

It takes months and then he'll grow out of it

CharlieChipmunk Fri 18-Nov-16 19:13:30

And a reward chart?! No chance! Better suited to 5 year olds. Just tell him off, be firm, distract, move on. In that order

suzzanne Fri 18-Nov-16 23:01:38

My oldest son is 5 and used to love sticker charts and was very responsive to other things ive mentioned when he was in terrible twos/threes but that said i think he was quite advanced mentally... More than i realised at the time.. My younger son just seems so implulsive and care free.. Hes also very sensitive so i dont want to be too harsh with him as he really gets upset, almost like hes self critical.. And feels some sort of shame when he gets told off. That said your approach of just repeating no hitting is not nice we dont hit etc is what im doing.. Just feels endless... Hes so hyper.. These moments of naughtiness can be relentless for up to an hour.. Before we get any give.. And i mean extreme.. I try every way possible to distract him.. Some situations are easier to do this in. But say for example im at one of older sons club activites or something where there isnt many options for him, he is just awful! I take books, toys, we play games, sing, i walk him round and show him things if he gets that bad he wont even sit with me.. Its getting the the point where i feel like im going to have to stop eldest son going to his football practice and swim lesson cos the youngest makes the whole thing an absolute nightmare

suzzanne Fri 18-Nov-16 23:05:53

Oh and i should add.. When i say no firmly he tends to laugh and come bk worse. Like he enjoys the reaction

Abbie28 Tue 22-Nov-16 11:46:14

My Lo has just turned 1 and has been biting for a few weeks he started biting my boob while feeding him which i let him off for as he was only trying to have milk but recently hes been biting at my arm when i try put his shoes on. I Take him to a baby group and hes always trying to grab at other babes and bite/kiss i think he is trying to kiss but when he initially grabs them it does look like hes trying to bite which horrified me when he first did it. I do say no be gentle but 2 minutes later he will do it again, i feel so embarrased because im a young Mum anyway i feel like all the parents look down on me like im a bad parent with a naughty baby. None of the other babies do it only mine and no idea how to get him to be gentle with the other babies. Help please!

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