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Attitude in children

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TeMpany123 Tue 15-Nov-16 23:04:45

Hi I was wondering if any body has had the same kind of problem I have. I have a son that is 8 years old. He has had massive behaviour issues since he was little. We have tried so many things with him from play therapy to after school clubs. He has massive anger issues and unfortunately his getting worse as his getting older. His now hitting other children which is awful and also hitting out at me and destroying his bedroom that was newly decorated less than a year ago. I'm at my wits end with him. He is now on his last warning at the school till his permantly excluded. Does any body else have any experience of this.

Squeegle Tue 15-Nov-16 23:06:54

I don't know the answer, but surely the school should be helping you here? Has he seen an educational psychologist? Sounds like you need some proper professional intervention here.

Squeegle Tue 15-Nov-16 23:07:51

My DS has a lot of anger issues, they only started about a year ago though he is 13. He's been diagnosed with ADHD.

TeMpany123 Wed 16-Nov-16 16:28:41

The school are trying with various different things but as of yet nothing is working. His been excluded from school for two days due to shutting his teachers fingers in a door. I need some kind of intervention from child psychologist. I think he may have something like ADHD or something along those lines. But with out any professional help I have no idea. It seems people won't to put things in place but its not helping.

Squeegle Thu 17-Nov-16 11:15:12

You should be able to get the GP to urgently refer him for an assessment. If you have the money you could go private. But really at his age the school should be helping you more. Can they not get the educational psychologist to assess him?

TeMpany123 Thu 17-Nov-16 16:45:29

We have asked the school on several occasions to try and gey him assessed but unfortunately they haven't. I now think its time to get him to the GP and see where we go from there really.

TeMpany123 Thu 17-Nov-16 16:47:46

We have looked at going private but its to costly, so I no its going to be a long process but I think the GP is our only option left really.

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