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But it's TOOOO TIGHT! Shoes especially

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HPandBaconSandwiches Sat 12-Nov-16 15:06:34

DD (3.5) is going through a phase of everything being too tight/generally touch sensitive. Trousers, socks, pants all too tight (except of course they're not). Leggings have to be pulled up to her knees as they're too tight over socks. Vests and tshirts too tight under arms. You get the idea.

We generally negotiate clothes quite well but the big sticking point is shoes. We've tried all sorts, all correctly fitted, including from an independent specialist kids shoe shop. Startrite, clarks, plae, geox. All ok at the time but within hours/days they're too tight. The only thing she'll wear without complaining is her wellies. She goes to preschool and can't wear wellies there, and tbh I don't think they're great for her feet. She says the problem is over the top of her foot rather than squashed toes.

How bad is it? Typically 10-20 mins crying every time we go out and wearing all her shoes undone with the Velcro flapping. I'm considering laceups and knotting them so she can't take them off! Tried talking, coaxing, rewards and just plain bundling her in the car when we just have to go.

Anyone any shoe suggestions for very comfy shoes? Or any other ideas? It's been going on for months and is very wearing - for both of us! I completely understand this may be a sensory issue as I have a highly sensitive older child. Understanding it doesn't help me get her out of the house with footwear on though!


WickerLoveHearts Sat 12-Nov-16 16:59:41

How about some trainers which are lace ups? Then you can loosen them until she's happy and tie them at the top like normal. Other than that I have absolutely no idea. Sorry, OP maybe a more experienced poster will come along soon!

0AliasGrace0 Sun 13-Nov-16 20:16:01

Been here, still here! Shoes have been a consistent nightmare for us, and still are (DD is now 6 with a sensory processing disorder diagnosis). I have found Livie and Luca shoes to be a god send - she lives in the Ruches, but even then I have to warm them up and work the leather before she'll wear them. She will also tolerate Skechers for some reason. Bobux are also fab, but she's out of their sizes now, meaning she has no boots this year, still not been successful in finding anything close to theirs.

literallytotally Sun 13-Nov-16 20:39:19

What about crocs? They are super wide and high over the toe. With socks under would be warm ish and I think you can actually get fleece lined ones.

HPandBaconSandwiches Sun 13-Nov-16 20:52:23

Thanks to both of you. I'm not sure crocs will work in terms of appropriateness for school nursery. I do have some summer wear ones in the cupboard I might try though. It's not so much the toes as the top of her foot nearer the ankle, where the top strap sits in most shoes.

I'd looked at the Livie and Luca shoes OAlias and had wondered if they might work. Might give those a go. I also looked at Bobux but some of them look quite narrow. I looked at vivobarefoot too (they do bigger sizes including boots I think) but the Livie ones are prettier which might attract DD. She had a pair of sketchers which she wore for about 2 months and I thought we'd cracked it, but then they got wet and even when all sorted the magic had gone and she wouldn't contemplate even a replacement pair.

Thanks for the help.

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Sun 13-Nov-16 21:01:45

Two of mine have sensitivities. I go for over sized and second hand. New shoes are particularly stiff.

When i started reading your post I tbought you need wellies! But then i saw you don't feel they're appropriate.

LIDL tend to have snow boots at this time of year that look less welly like and can pass as smartish boots for a younger child. They're soft lined and generously proportioned so a big favorite in our house.

I find socks inside out can help. I trim all the little extra bits off around the toes and again buy them a bit bigger so they're not tight.

Smart shoes we buy Sketchers memory foam style. Very light weight and flexible fabrics.

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