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Nearly 6 year old who seriously won't play on his own

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Towardslight Sun 30-Oct-16 20:01:54

We are tearing out our hair. He just doesn't like doing things on his own. We have tried. We really have. We do lots with him, he has a rich life. But left on his own, he moves from one thing to another in a matter of minutes, pleading with us to get involved.

WTF can we do? I feel worried for him because he needs to like his own company a bit but maybe that's just me being really melodramatic. I know he's young. But he's been like this forever

user1477282676 Sun 30-Oct-16 23:16:21

My 8 year old is a bit like this...and I'm afraid I'm quite firm about it. I do play with her sometimes of course but not when she demands.

She demands a lot...I just say no...I'm busy at the moment. She has plenty of interaction and playdates...they need to learn to be self sufficient.

I suggest a number of things and if she keeps refusing then I ignore!

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