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Is this low tone/hypermobility?

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Zetta10 Fri 23-Sep-16 03:13:04

I'm worried about my DS, 10 months. He is "crawling" by dragging himself around on his belly and pushing with his feet, and has been for two months. He is quite speedy, but will not crawl properly. He gets up on his hands and knees, but when he wants to move, his knees splay apart and off he goes on his belly. He pulls up to standing, but really struggles to get down. I have to hold his hand, and then he will very cautiously plop down on his bum. He sat late, was still a bit wobbly and fell often until 9 months, and still isn't pushing himself up to a sitting position on his own, although now very sturdy when placed. He will, however, cruise a bit along the furniture. But his ankles seem very flexible and he will sometimes rotate his ankles so that his toes point outward. He had a slight head tilt/torticollis that seemed to resolve, but at his last check it was noted again. I don't notice it really, but I guess I have just grown accustomed to it. He uses both sides equally for most movements, but does prefer the right hand for feeding and banging objects. He will, however, pass objects back and forth, bang two together, etc. He babbles and squeals and laughs, but often has his tongue hanging out a bit - I thought it was related to teething as that is when it started, but now I'm wondering if it is low oral tone? Not much drooling though, and he eats, drinks, and nurses very well.

Sorry for the novel, but I am a nervous wreck and just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with their DC. Sometimes everything seems perfectly normal, and other times I am concerned. He will be seeing a specialist about the slight head tilt, and I should hopefully find out if there is anything going on as far as low tone, etc. I'm working myself up reading about low tone and all the potential issues connected to it - ASD, speech delays, coordination disorders, etc. Please help.

Lupinlady5 Fri 23-Sep-16 09:19:25

I'm not an expert, but he sounds like he is doing well to me. Most babies fall over from time to time in the first few months of sitting. My DS is 11 months and isn't crawling on all fours yet.

Linpinfinwin Fri 23-Sep-16 23:07:52

My daughter is hypermobile. The main downside for her is that she knees herself in the face doing tuckjumps during her gym squad training! She couldn't clap by 12m although she did walk, and she skipped cruising altogether. She also has curvy little fingers which are statistically associated with various different conditions and syndromes, some of them very limiting. But like the vast, vast majority of people with curvy little fingers who didn't meet every one of her 12m milestones, there's nothing at all wrong with her (give or take the occasional black eye grin). The same thing applies to most other google-able symptoms. I am no expert but since he feeds well I would think tongue hanging out is more likely breathing through his mouth than anything more sinister.

Obviously none of us can promise you what the outcomes will be for your son, but I do know you can quickly drive yourself crazy diagnosing with dr google. I do it too. But in the gentlest possible "do as I say, not as I do" way, please stop with the googling and the "what if"s. Maybe share your concerns with a HV. But he's sitting, cruising, eating, drinking, manipulating objects, pulling to standing, getting from A to B... amazing how far he's come in 10 months, isn't it?!

popthisoneout Sat 24-Sep-16 04:16:56

Sounds completely normal to me. The crawling sound like commando crawling which lots of babies do. Some progress to crawling on all fours, some don't.

Not being able to or hesitant to get down from pulling to stand part of the developmental stage which will pass. Some DC are just naturally more cautious than others, which isn't a bad thing!

Really though, try not to worry and Google. You will drive your self mad. I agree with talking to your HV at the 8-12 month check for reassurance if you're still worried.

DooWhop Sat 24-Sep-16 04:29:24

DS is hypermobile and yours sounds fine to me. My DS was only just sitting reliably by 10 months and didn't remotely come close to walking until over 18months. We thought he was lazy blush

Notsure1234 Sat 24-Sep-16 23:06:52

He sounds like he's doing well to me.

My ds is 10 months and has been speedy commando crawling for about 2 months but only in the past 2 days has he got on to all fours briefly. Can't pull himself to standing or sit himself up either although is quite steady when put in the sitting position. I'm not worried but if you are then no harm in getting things checked out for peace of mind

SpaceDinosaur Sat 24-Sep-16 23:39:51

He sounds utterly perfect!!! Commando crawling is just another "normal"
Flexible joints... They all have them!

Fwiw, I was a hyper mobile baby. Hit all my milestones within "normal" brackets despite massive hip issues and regularly dislocating myself (still do!) of your DS is hyper mobile it's not a bad thing :-)

Zetta10 Sun 25-Sep-16 14:13:03

Thank you for all the replies, it helps very much, and you are right that I need to step away from Google! Of course, now in the past few days he has starting moving between positions of standing, kneeling, and then plops himself down into the dreaded W-sitting. sad Speaking of Googling, if you type in W-sitting, you get a world of horror from the OT/PT world. Although I know that I was a W-sitter as a child, so maybe he is genetically more bendy than usual?

Anyway, regardless of the outcome I know I am getting ahead of myself and I will just keep encouraging him and hope that he gets stronger by the day. I appreciate the help so much.

Lupinlady5 Sun 25-Sep-16 19:56:44

My first DS did w-sitting. It's not great (although I do it all the time blush) but nothing to panic about. You can always encourage them not to put their legs like that.

Ptarmigandancinginthegloaming Sun 25-Sep-16 20:15:35

Lots of babies never crawl properly, and while I've heard an 'expert' on tv talk about how it's an important stage, my DS who only wriggled on his tummy, was just as coordinated as anyone else so far as I could tell. You always tend to notice the babies who are walking before 1 etc., but they vary a LOT, and loads will do thing later, then catch up (for example, both of mine were picked up for not starting to speak at about 18 months, but had very good vocabulary by 2 years).

A friend of mine was told by her mil that she mustn't let her DD try to sit up till she was over 9 months as it would damage her spine, so she didn't, until she found out it was part of the 9 month checks - so back in the 1950's you'd probably have been told u were letting him try to do too much!
Try not to worry, there's lots of time for him to get steadier :-)

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