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2yo DD constant whinge and tantrums

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chocolatebiscuitsareace Tue 20-Sep-16 15:28:32

My lovely DD 2.2 yo is so strong willed and I'm losing confidence in my ability to deal with it. Every single thing is a battle. Getting her in her car seat is traumatic as she screams, thrashes around and ultimately throws herself out. I have tried telling her off, wrestling her in, using reward charts for good behaviour, bribing her with food or iPad but it's still awful. I am making a conscious effort to warn her that things like getting dressed and putting shoes on are coming but it only works half the time. My latest technique is diversion by getting her excited about where we are going or what we will do afterwards. I just feel on edge because one wrong move and I can't get her to do what I need for us to leave the house.

Is this normal? How long does it last? Are there other things I can try?

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