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worrying how dd behaves at friends houses

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eatingpiesmainly Thu 28-Jul-16 21:31:53

She's just turned 10 last month. She can get very excited and hyper! She says she made them laugh a lot and when she came home she was bouncing off the walls. I just hate to think they (the parents) felt awkward not to laugh to incase they hurt her feelings and in turn that spurred her on to act daft even more. She doesn't seem to calm down when told when she gets like this but then most of the time at home she's fine and chilled. I suppose she thinks of herself as a bit of a comedian which don't get me wrong is perfectly fine to have a sense of humour I just really worry people especially parents of her friends find her annoying. Oh I know this sounds bad I'm finding it hard to explain properly. Just hope someone can relate confused

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