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15 month old odd behaviour...am I over reacting?

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zombeana Fri 22-Jul-16 09:50:01

My 15 month old daughter had a suspected seizure last week. Fell onto her front, went stiff for 20 sec, blue, unconscious for 30 more seconds then came around, very sleepy for 15 min, eyes rolling - went to hospital said she was fine, was just a one off and sent home.

MIL (midwife and NHS safety manager for women + children so significant medical background) noticed DD having staring episodes and said this could be an absence. I had noticed them a handful of times but put it down to something toddlers do! Feel terrible about that now.

Now we are under neurology at our local hospital waiting anywhere up to 6 weeks for an appointment.

In the meantime, I am driving myself insane watching DD for possible symptoms/seizures.

Can anyone put my mind at rest (or perhaps not?) that these kinds of behaviours are in fact normal? Obviously, the seizure and absences aren't. But for example she will rub the back of her head repeatedly when eating, shake her head, she rolls her eyes up into her head for a few seconds, she has random little twitches and shudders, screws her face/eyes up repeatedly and pouts her lips out like the duck face over and over.

Today she was very vacant for most of the morning and was just a bit 'odd'. She is in nursery today (they are aware and trained). Development wise she is perfect, running, has a huge vocab of 50+words, loves other kids, sleeps bloody terribly though (up 9 times last night, cries hysterically when she wakes and is inconsolable for 15/20min) ...maybe it's linked..?

DH and I are driving ourselves mad that she's having some sort of episode and should we take her in again! Can't face waiting 6 weeks ! Or are we just over reacting? Do your toddlers do any of those things!?

Sorry for long post!

PalcumTowder Sat 23-Jul-16 07:13:19

Just bumping for you as I have no experience of this. I hope someone with more advice comes along soon.

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