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4 YO picking nails to the quick

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MrsHogwallop Sun 17-Jul-16 15:42:51

Since my baby was born (7 months) 4 yo has been picking a the ends of his nails, sometimes until they bleed. He does it during every quiet moment, and obviously does it a lot at nursery too. Clearly I'm worried about infection, permanent damage and also what it all means. He's otherwise happy and adjusted, although he is also very much preferring the company of DH at the moment over mummy which is hard going, also linked to baby I think. Anyone have tips for helping him stop? He knows it's hurting him, and stops when I encourage him to, but starts again shortly after.

bobby81 Sun 17-Jul-16 20:28:07

My dd started biting her nails when she started nursery aged 3. She has always suffered with terrible separation anxiety & is very clingy to me. She is 5 now and nearly finished her first year at school, she continues to bite her nails, sometimes she gets painful infections down the sides of the nails but it doesn't stop her.
If your ds is picking rather than biting the bad tasting nail varnishes wouldn't be appropriate.
The thing that bothers me with my dd is that she very rarely does it at home so I can't tell her/remind her to stop. She must just do it at school when she is anxious. If you see your little one actually doing it could you distract him or ask him to stop? (he may not realise he's doing it if it's now a habit)
Sorry not much help here but just wanted you to know you're not alone in this! I feel for you because it's awful to think they are doing it out of worry/anxiety. x

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