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parasomnia/sleepwalking/noises and toddler

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staybeautiful Thu 07-Jul-16 23:20:41

DS is 32 months and on holiday started making weird moaning noises in his sleep whilst also being wide awake and having lucid conversations and walking about. He was asleep. But then when lying down would start making grunts and moans.

Since coming back he has made the noises at 4am a few times.

Last night he was crying and calling for us so I went in and seemed wide awake at 4am saying he wasn't tired so I picked him up for a cuddle and he started making the weird noises again. Told him he needed to go to sleep and he said okay and walked back to his cot. Went back to sleep. Well he was already sleep obviously he had been all along! We are keeping his cot sides on..

Erm. It's so weird. Any experiences?! It has coincided with him dropping his nap so he is Extra tired at the moment.

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