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Screeching, "advice" and tears

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user1466697286 Thu 23-Jun-16 17:06:37

Hi everyone,

I'm new to mums net first time posting. I would love any advice from anyone who's had a screecher and what they did to help stop.

My LO is 18 months old and he just screeches. I don't go out any where or leave the house because of this it's absolutely killing me. I ventured out to aldi with the OH yesterday and while he went off to get something from the other side of the shop a lady thought best to lecture me on why i should tell him "No" when he starts screeching (as if this was going to help) and "whatever will you do when he starts school, they wont take him like that" and "theres another lady round there telling her little girl not to join in".

I already felt pretty awful from the looks off people but this woman just made me feel so bad i quickly handed the shopping to the OH and left the shop in tears.

Is this something he grows out of or is there a distraction technique or anything?

ANY advice greatly appreciated x

GlitteryFluff Fri 01-Jul-16 13:44:08

My DS has just started doing this at 23 months... I feel your pain.

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