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Wind/reflux/colic help!

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Sukhino Sat 18-Jun-16 06:56:25

Please can anyone help?! My baby is 3 weeks old, for the last week he has started suffering with really bad wind and reflux but the last 70 hours have been torture. He has hardly slept (about 6 hours a day only) and when he is not asleep he is crying/screaming.
He is breast fed and the cycle has been:
Feed - where he falls asleep but then 1 min later is woken up by wind
Burp - he looks like he is in total agony, red face, arching back, thrashing or curling up - this can last for hours and he does not settle. I try all the positions, and massaging tummy etc and it doesn't calm him. He often (80% of his feeds) vomits up like a volcano.
If he does calm down and fall asleep when I lay him down, even in a raised cot/basket he vomits or wakes again screaming.
But now it is time to feed him again and the cycle continues with no sleep for either of us. The only way to calm him is for him to feed but that starts the cycle again. I never know when he has finished burping/puking or if there is more to come as it can happen an hour later.

I went to the docs who said it was reflux and gave me ranitidine, and I just started INFACOL yesterday. No change yet. He has dirty nappies and is putting on weight no I'm not worried there.
I have all his sleeping areas raised.
I keep him upright after feeds for up to 30 mins and feed slightly upright.
I've tried swaddling (which helps for a nap but I have to make sure he is burped out first), white noise.
Nothing has been working, he now wants feeding every hour which triggers the cycle, I am sore, I get no rest bite.

I am feeling so desperate and depressed. I'm scared to leave the house and go out as he just cries and we don't have a car. I don't know how I can continue like this. He was so happy the first 2 weeks and now there seems to be no moments like that.

Has anyone got any ideas? X

fionnthedog Sat 18-Jun-16 18:34:46

Sounds like reflux to me but I'm not an expert. I'm sure someone will be along with some helpful advice but didn't want to read and run. Keep going - it never feels like it at the time but it will get better....

Newtobecomingamum Sat 18-Jun-16 20:46:23

Hi, I know you have said you have done some of what I going to suggest, but try it again and also keep trying and don't give up first time if you don't see a difference... Google colic baby massage infacol YouTube. These massages are amazing and help bring up wind. My DD had exactly the same and these massages made a HUGE help. Also, next Google colic white noise YouTube and click on the video of the baby sitting on the half moon. It may not work to start off with (give it a few goes) and have it up fairly loud (make sure it's not in direct contact of your baby's ears) and this really helps sooth during the colic period and soothes them to sleep (to me it was like magic after a few goes).
Try not to over feed as this will make he more uncomfortable, he may be wanting to suck/feed to try and comfort him self but then ends up over feeding.
Have you tried a dummy?? Some people are against it, but if you are desperate try everything. Dummy worked wonders for us too!! If he doesnt take it first few times keep trying. Took my daughter a few times and then she accepted it and it massively calmed her. Has the meds made any difference at all? If not go back, dose may be wrong.
If it's awful, you may need to look into Neocate (Google and speak to GP) my son had to go on this (DS1) so I didn't breastfeed but this worked amazingly when added to meds. My son eventually got diagnosed with sandifer syndrome but we got it under control with Neocate and meds.
When DD had colic we got the pushchair in the front room in a towel and would rock her to sleep or take her out in the car with the white noise on and would give us a break if even for an hour.
Get as much family and friend support and help. I never did and wish I had just asked. Do you have a partner? Even having a hot bubble bath for an hour with a mag just you time can make a huge difference.
Sorry for rambling message but hope some of it may help.
Hang in there it will pass flowers

Newtobecomingamum Sat 18-Jun-16 20:49:23

Sorry.. Meant pushed DD in pushchair on a towel in front room not in a towel!!

FizzyFeet Mon 20-Jun-16 09:54:55

Hang in there, OP, it will get better. As well as keeping on with the meds, I second baby massage and also thoroughly recommend a sling - a stretchy wrap one like the Hana or Close Caboo. My DD was like yours (without the vomiting) and really benefitted from having that belly to belly contact. Also helped with keeping her upright. A dummy helped her hugely too. Sounds like she might also be having her first developmental 'leap' - recommend the wonder weeks app to explain what is going on with her besides the tummy troubles.

This too will pass! Feels like hell but it will get better.

fionahunt123 Wed 22-Jun-16 18:09:29

Hi my baby has colic and crying all time trying infacol don't know if it's working yet been using it for week last 2 days crying all day this has been the worst it been only sleep for about 1 hour and then starts again any one could help please ☺

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