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Worried about growth in 7 year old

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MadHousewife2 Sat 04-Jun-16 10:45:39

Hi there,

My DD has just turned 7. She was premature by 4 weeks and it was also a complicated and disastrous birth in which I nearly died. I was unable to BF for first few weeks, then received no support despite asking for help about how to do this. DD was born around 50th percentile (on charts which took into account prematurity). After that she dropped to 25th since which time she has always remained on that percentile.

From about 20 months DD has been extremely fussy eater. Diagnosed SED last year with sensory processing issues - she hates the smell of cooking, certain textures, the look of certain foods etc etc. She only eats about a handful of things. I supplement with vitamins but she is still a full head smaller than her peers.

I have just measured her and seen that she has now dropped to the 9th percentile.

I have tried to get health professionals to take an interest but they just treat me as an anxious mother and fob me off with useless "top tips" sheets.

Can anyone help me or reassure me that at some point she might catch up?

Any stories about DC who were like this and then shot up later on? [desperately hopeful face]

I just feel for her as she is so small that she doesn't fit in with the rest of her class - they all treat her like a baby and no one takes her seriously. It is affecting her self esteem quite badly.

Someone suggested I try Pediasure - does anyone have any experience of this product in terms of its effect on growth and development? Nutritionist says its's full of vile stuff - but if it helps her grow I don't really care too much about its purity (I may post separately about this).

Thanks very much x

VioletBam Sat 04-Jun-16 13:34:22

I think you should listen to the nutritionist re. Pediasure...the most prominent ingredient in that stuff is sugar. Which is not going to help DD at all.

You say DD is a full head shorter than her classmates...and that she is on the 9th percentile for weight...but is she actually classed as underweight? What's her height and weight? Is it ok on the charts?

VioletBam Sat 04-Jun-16 13:34:59

Also, what is your height and her Dad's height?

midnightlurker Sat 04-Jun-16 13:45:52

There is a sensory processing disorder group on Facebook. Most of its members are from the USA but there are people from all over the world. It's a very helpful group.

There is therapy available that helps. Ask for that. In the meantime, calories to the fore, and supplements! If I only offered healthy food, my DS would have starved long ago. As it is, we supplement and keep trying with different foods, while always ensuring there is plenty he will eat. And cheat. Choc flavoured yog gets calcium in, as do smoothies. If dried fruit sticks are all the fruit/veg tolerated, we get them. If dinner can only be eaten smothered in mayo/ketchup , who cares?

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