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10 year old DS playing with matches!

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ichoosesleep Sat 28-May-16 13:01:46

The kids slept at my in laws last night and I went to pick them up this morning. I sat in the garden with them whilst they ate their icecreams and played. When me and FIL walk back into the house we immediately smell smoke like paper burning. It smelt the strongest in the conservatory so I started looking around for anything on fire and found a burnt match. I called in DS and asked him to tell me the truth and he admitted he had lit a match which then turned into "I've lit two" then " I lit loads and threw them behind the sofa".... This carried on until he told me what I hope is all the truth. He had lit a candle and blown it out, burnt some paper and blown it out. There was at least 15 matches hidden behind the sofa. He's never even lit a match before as far as I know and I'm disappointed as I really thought he knew better. I haven't a clue where to go from here or what to even say to him or how to dicipline him ? He could have set the house on fire ! How do I deal with this ?

PotOfYoghurt Sat 28-May-16 14:08:32

Jesus Christ that's dangerous.

He's 10, he's old enough to learn about the devastation fire can cause.

Show him news reports/YouTube videos (like the one where the Christmas tree fire takes over in 20 seconds) or find a fire safety course?

Where we live firefighters will come to your house and do a fire safety check of your smoke alarms etc, if that's available in your area it could be helpful.

ichoosesleep Sun 29-May-16 08:57:13

Yes I was thinking about ringing the fire station to send someone to come speak to him. He once broke a window when he was 7. It wasn't on a building it was one of those glass panes that covers an advertisement notice board near our allotments. He had intentionally thrown a brick to break it so I asked for two community support officer police people to come speak to him. It was a very random thing for him to do as he isn't a troublemaker but the they agreed I had done the best thing asking them to come out as it might make him think twice next time.

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