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10Y Temper Tantrums at Night

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Not1SuperMum Mon 16-May-16 09:24:50

Help! Am I he only one who has a 10 Y who is sweetness and light - a model child out of the house, but every so often at night (not every night by any means) it is as if she is possessed and she just screams and screams, she loses all senses of reasonableness! Help what am I doing wrong?(blush)

MattDillonsPants Mon 16-May-16 15:28:18

Is she having much computer time? What about her diet? What's she eating after school?

Hormones could also be kicking in. My DD is 11 and has been this way inclined since about 9 or and screen time make it worse if managed badly.

CrushedVelvet Fri 20-May-16 12:53:28

Is this a refusal-to-go-to-bed tantrum, or is she waking in the night? i.e. Could it be nightmares/night terrors??

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