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wheres your LO speech at!?

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EmilyAnd Sun 01-May-16 09:28:07

My son will be 2 in june.
He says very little.
He can communicate his needs fine the majority of the time
He points at this he wants and nods/shakes his head, he uses pitch and tone of voice to communicate also.
He can get things when i ask him to and point to objects i say
He doesnt know his colours or shapes
He says maybe 10/15 words regular 'mam, dada, yeah, more, there, all gone, eye, woofwoof, choo choo, dirty, out, ball, mar mar (grandma), hiya
Tho only few of these words are pronounced well.
He cannot copy what i say to him. I break the words down and he occasionally can say the first letter sound but cant link two letter sounds together to form a word
Some words he has said once or twice weeks, even months, ago and not said since.
He tends to make noise to get what he wants rather than attempt to say words.
Should i be concerned!?
Hes learnt maybe 2 words in the last 6/8 weeks but probably stopped using others

I dont feel like hes learning any milestones in any other developmental field. Physically hes running twisting and jumping and has been for a while. Emotionally hes where he should be and is pretty independent from me. He sleeps and eats great and interacts with others no problem.

Any help/advice/experiences

Ffion3107 Sun 01-May-16 09:38:52

Hiya, as long as you understand each other that's all that matters. He knows how to communicate and respond to requests. He doesn't NEED to be copying sounds or pronouncing correctly at his age, or know the colours and shapes. You would probably only need to worry if he gets frustrated about communicating with you. If he's happy then he's on the right track, you definitely don't need to be

bebo100 Sun 01-May-16 09:47:27

Might be worth getting a hearing check, just to be sure that there's nothing underlying,
If that comes back clear, then I wouldn't worry too much, some kids are just later talkers than others.

EmilyAnd Mon 09-May-16 20:55:26

I have taken him to the drs and he said they wouldnt even consider checking hearing or introducing SALT until hes two and even then its after fukker assessment. I really inly took him to the drs so they had on record his level so if he needed intervention later at least they could compare where he was then and how far hes come.
He did ask alot of questions and looked in his ears and summerized that it is highly unlikely he has a hearing difficulty. That was my main concern as he does manage to communicate with me alright. While we do occasionally have frustrations i can generally workout what he wants. Also while he only says a handful of words and struggles to link syllables to form words, he is stringing two words together. He is able to say 'all done' 'one more' 'out there' now even tho they are probably only recognisable to ppl close to him. At least hes learning new things. Id be more worried if he wasnt learning any new words.

ohidoliketobe Mon 09-May-16 21:04:24

My DS is a similar age.
About 6 weeks ago I would have said his capacity was exactly as you described he had also stopped using words he had previously used. He's since had what I can only call a "language explosion". Went from 10/15 words to about 50 he now uses confidently and regularly, and is attempting new words daily.
Please don't worry! Your DS is obviously showing signs of language and understanding, the new words will come. Do you remember when they were close to crawling / walking and then when it happens you regret it because you can't turn your back for a second?! Soon he won't shut up (in the nicest way)

EmilyAnd Wed 11-May-16 20:02:24

Thank you thats very reassuring! He definatly understands language and communication so fingers crossed he'll get there soon :-)

magicboy79 Fri 13-May-16 19:46:33

Hi! My son is coming 20 months and he can say very little that's understandable. Sometimes I worry and others not as he seems to be developing just fine in all other areas. He babbles a lot and responds when you talk in his own language, but as for actual words, he sort of says dad mum granda tata out and juice (for his water cup). His understanding seems fine, just the actual words are the problem. But I'm not going to worry until after he's 2. He has a tongue tie which I think has impacted on his picky eating massively even though several doctors deny this, and he may have problems with pronouncing due to the tie but we won't know until he starts to talk. I think when it does happen late there tends to be an explosion of words, as said above. So def don't start worrying for a few more months yet

EmilyAnd Fri 13-May-16 20:44:02

Interesting you say that,
My son didnt stick his tongue out until he was nearly 1 year old! He managed to breast feed fine..and weaned onto normal food fine. He was able to make clack sounds by hitting it off the roof of his mouth and now doesnt seem to have any resriction with it. I thought he maybe had aome kind of tongue tie when he was younger but never got it assessed properly as it didnt impact on anything.

So maybe that is affecting his pronunciation in some way. Maybe it is tight somewhere, or maybe his tongue muscles themselves are just delayed in developing because of this!?

MrsHathaway Fri 13-May-16 22:16:08

My DS3 was just the same at two, and at his 2y check the HV put in a SLT referral. I wasn't particularly bothered because his older brothers had been very similar but had had a "language explosion" shortly after their second birthdays, which I gather is very common, and as OhIDo describes.

Anyway we're still waiting for SLT six months later, because the waiting list is long. He now has a large vocabulary but his syllable formation is rubbish and he misses out at least half the consonants. I find it a bit painful to watch videos of DS1 or DS2 at the same age because they're fluent there and DS3 sounds so far behind. He is also being overtaken by children a year or more younger than he is.

I think you were sensible to get a "level" at the doctor's now, and it would probably also be worth seeing your HV team (eg if they do a 2y check). But I hope and expect that he will have a language explosion any time now and then you'll be wondering how the chuff to shut him up again grin

Best wishes!

magicboy79 Thu 19-May-16 20:25:04

My neighbour is a paeds doctor and was saying as long as they can stick their tongue out slightly it shouldn't affect their speech. My 7mth son was sticking his out from birth but my 20mth with the tie was the same with not sticking his out until he was about 1. I really do think there is no need to worry until after they are 2, unless you feel he has no understanding. Many are just late bloomers

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