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5 year old with glue ears, problems at school!

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Tippytoes13 Thu 28-Apr-16 13:14:00

Hi, my son has been in reception for nearly 8 months now, he's recently turned 5. The past nearly three weeks, his behaviour at school hasn't been great. His main problem is, not listening and also breaking others childrens builds and he has also hit another child once. I've been called in by the teacher on a few occasions. I've spoken to my son at home about what's not acceptable at school, but he will then have a bad day at school the next day. His teacher has noticed he doesn't appear to be hearing what she has said, only in small groups, we've definitely noticed it at home to, he is saying 'pardon' 'what' 'I can't hear you' a lot. His behaviour previously was always good and it seems to be a very recent thing. He had an ear infection about 6 weeks ago and have noticed his hearing hasn't been great since, the doctor also at the time said both his ears, were blocked with fluid. Could this be affecting his behaviour in any way, as I can't think of anything that's triggered the sudden change in behaviour?

Kariana Sun 01-May-16 23:21:31

This sounds like it's definitely linked. Not being able to hear properly will lead to a lot of frustration for him. Whilst this is on going it might help to talk to him about how to deal with his frustration in non destructive or non violent ways.

What did the doctor say about the fluid blocking his ears? Are they doing anything about it? I'd take him back as I would have expected it to have resolved by now if it was going to do so naturally.

grumpysquash3 Mon 02-May-16 00:44:51

Has he got a diagnosis of glue ear? If so, there is treatment available.

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