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Babys first tooth disappeared!

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loztredders Mon 04-Apr-16 15:03:44

Last week my 9 month old was showing all the classic teething signs. Two days after this begun, I checked her mouth and lo and behold there was her very first tiny tooth... two days later it had disappeared as is still not back a week later!!
What on earth is going on?
I'm glad I took a picture otherwise I'd think I was losing the plot!!

BertieBotts Mon 04-Apr-16 15:07:21

It might be that the one next to it is coming through, which has made the gum inflamed and the gum is now covering the little bit of tooth which was showing.

She is GORGEOUS by the way. Those eyes!

InsaneDame Mon 04-Apr-16 15:08:21

Doesn't look like it's through the gum on the photo. Teeth can pop up and down for a few weeks, I found this especially true with molars - my DS had a few weeks of waking up with molar points only for them to have disappeared again by bedtime!

InsaneDame Mon 04-Apr-16 15:09:19

I'm also struck by how different each child is - mine got his first tooth at 15 weeks!

eatsleephockeyrepeat Wed 06-Apr-16 12:37:52

I think it was probably a gingival cyst; a little hard white dot on the gumline where the teeth will come through. The can appear basically anywhere in the mouth, are completely harmless (although show anything suspicious to your hv) and can last for any length of time before disappearing. 80% of infants will have one apparently.

Our little man had one we thought was a tooth at maybe 4 months old. It wasn't, and eventually went away. We then had a loooong old wait before he finally got the two he's now sporting at 9 months!

loztredders Thu 07-Apr-16 15:21:22

Ok it's back and properly cutting now.... I think!!

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