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7 year old eating problems

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snowjoke Fri 19-Feb-16 18:42:45

My 7YO DD has over the last few months developed a very annoying/worrying habit when eating meals. She will take ages to chew any piece of food, be it meat, vegetable, fish whatever. She chews it in to a dry lump and then cannot swallow it, she will then spit it out. She has never been a totally enthusiastic eater but had turned a corner and was trying and enjoying new stuff. Now all her favourites are treated in this way. About the only thing she doesn't treat like this is pasta. It is quite troubling. Ive shouted at her, comforted her, asked what the issue is and she doesn't know. I will follow up with doctor and dentist to see if they have any idea. Just wondered if anyone else had encountered this and what they did to resolve it. It is making family meals an total misery for a happy foodie family.

Spandexpants007 Fri 19-Feb-16 18:47:37

Has she had a choking incident recently?

What percentile is she on for weight and height?

It sounds like you are getting very stressy!! In your shoes I'd not pass comment or point out what she's doing. I'd chat about nice things and set a good example on how to eat.

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