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Something needs to change!

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Taler Wed 06-Jan-16 08:16:00

DD (2 years and 2 months) is a RUBBISH sleeper! DH & I are at wits end and desperate for things to change!

Since coming back from holiday at beginning of October DD has been sleeping terribly.

A few weeks after returning from holiday we moved her into a toddler bed (her cot bed) was getting a little small. The first few weeks was fine. A smooth transition. And then she started waking loads and for the past 3/4 weeks she's been sleeping on the floor!?!?!?!

Having researched this it would appear that sleeping in the floor is fairly common. We therefore took the attitude that we'd simply leave her there as long as we felt she was getting decent sleep. But she has a cough and cold at the moment and sleeping on the floor makes her cough a lot more.

We bought a sleep reward chart. Last night was only the 3rd time of using it so appreciate its early days but quite frankly I don't think she really cares enough about getting a sticker to stay in her bed. It appeared to be working as she'd stay in bed after we leave the room whereas prior to the reward chart she' be straight on the floor. But inevitably at some point through the night she moves to the floor.

DH and I are so tired and ratty. Something needs to change but I don't know what??

DD wakes several times through the night. Sometimes she'll cry out in her sleep and of course on those occasions we don't get up, but Otjer times she'll say "dummy" "teddy" "water", all of these things should be at easy reach. And other times she's coughing so we want to get up and ensure she has a drink or give her some honey.

I think she's gotten used to waking now but I don't get why. If you're asleep you're asleep?!?!

Since the beginning of October she had gone through the night 3 times!!! At her age she should be sleeping through.


selly24 Wed 06-Jan-16 08:40:50

Move the mattress onto the floor and make the whole area s cosy/comfy as possible with her help before bedtime. You can try raising the head end of the mattress slightly (a ring binder underneath mattress) which may help with her cough. Not sure what your set up is but maybe a nightlight / torch could add to the relaxed vibe?

When she wakes go very briefly to her to settle her, say very little but praise her for staying in bed.
Leave quickly.
If possible take a photo of her while cosy and sleeping (so she can see she is safe/ talk about how relaxed happy she is in the picture and how her body is getting such amazing rest so she is ready for all the fun things the next day). Display this photo next to the sticker chart.

Sounds like you are on the right track. Keep up the good work. It DOES get better!

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