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Who's done a parenting course?

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mrsdaz Mon 21-Dec-15 22:16:23

I'm struggling with my 2 ds's behaviour and have looked at a parenting course to manage their behaviour and gain new tecniques/ideas.

I'm not sure if it's worthwhile though? Inwas hoping to get an idea from people who have been on one?

BackforGood Tue 22-Dec-15 00:50:32

I haven't, but I work alongside someone who has run them, and generally, if parents give them a chance and actually turn up, then they are very, very positive about them.
Sometimes it's the time listening to other parents in the group, and realising that lots of other parents are finding life a bit of a challenge too, as much as whatever the group leader has to say, but, overwhelmingly the feedback is positive.

hackneyLass Tue 22-Dec-15 02:00:12

My partner has just finished a Strengthening Families course. He was a little sceptical at first but really rated it. The only thing - it was 3 hours once a week (for 13 weeks) - so difficult to fit in around work. Strengthening Families may be only for parents of children aged 3+. In our area Children's Centres run them and the courses are free.

Curlywurly4 Tue 22-Dec-15 23:02:17

I've done triple P and find it useful. It's good to have strategies to use, especially as they get older.

PrimeDirective Tue 22-Dec-15 23:17:32

I've done a couple, both very good. One was about challenging behaviour, the other was for parents of teenagers.
Well worthwhile.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Tue 22-Dec-15 23:28:54

Our school, ran one and it was mainly lunchtime supervisors who took the option but also a couple of other mums. It was great and we all made some good friends as well as learning some new ways to look at parenting problems. It was nothing earth shattering that you couldn't learn from a book or website, but sharing the weekly tasks with like minded people made it more fun.

At first we were all a bit self-conscious that we needed help and worried that it made us bad parents, but actually, we all had similar low level issues that just needed a listening ear and a fresh approach.

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